On this site, you will find an overview of the psychotherapeutic methods I offer and the thoughts I have about them. If you are considering to begin a psychoanalysis or a psychotherapy with me, we have to explore two issues:

- wether you and I can work together
- which method best applies to you.
Health insurances in Germany cover five to eight of such assessment interviews, depending on the method that is finally chosen. This may differ with foreign insurances, and you should enquire about it beforehand.
If one of the psychotherapeutic methods described here seems suitable for you, an application for financial reimbursement can be sent to the insurance company. For this, I have to write an individual yet anonymous report for the medical specialist of the insurance company so he can come to a conclusion wether the intended method is reasonable in your case. It is he, who, in the last run, decides wether reimbursement is feasible or not. Depending on the method between 50 to 300 sessions are covered.
You will find a characterization of the different psychotherapeutic methods here.